Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas Gift

I'm a nurse, and like everyone knows i came to UK, in last November to work in St. Helier Hospital.

I live with more 7 nurses in a huge and awesome house. 

Christmas was so busy, we are 13 portuguese that arrived at same time, so here, in Mitcham we decided buy a little present for everybody ... So we spend lots of days shopping...

Andreia was expecting her boyfriend arrive for Christmas and she had the idea of shopping something from the brand Timberland, because is one of the Paulo' favorite brands... 

But he has small foot  and she wasn't able to find his size on this big city, so she asked me help, and i remember to check on Spartoo, one of my favorite online stores! And I find 2 different boots... Andreia Loved one of the pairs and the box arrived 24 hours later... was amazing... 

[ The Brand:  Timberland has lots of different options for men! I love this brand for men! ] 

Yesterday was the big day, and he Loved her gift and i stay watching... happy for helping :) 
Thank you Spartoo for these special moments!

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