Thursday 2 April 2015

Spring is arriving...

Hello Girls and boys,
How are you on this Thursday before the big Easter weekend? 

The Spring started a few days ago... however she is now arriving, starting with the sun coming every single morning, the flowers on the streets and the gardens, the chirping of the birds during the morning, the days are staying bigger and bigger, the people are starting to seem more happy, the decrease of the cold is making notice and the events are starting soon, events like weddings, partys and so on... and so on...

For special events we need special dresses. Every event needs a specific dress. 

Every Cinderella needs her pretty dress, right?

This Cinderela will have a wedding in Poland this year, a two days wedding... two days wedding means a two dresses wedding... and will be amazing... is the best excuse for looking on special websites for the special dress for the occasion and for shopping a lot!

This time was the opportunity of checking the weddingshe website for checking Sexy Prom Dresses !

I Felt in love for two amazing dresses: 

First one:

This dress is perfect.
Starting with the colour that i love, the little stones making kind a belt on the waist.
An Elegant Long dress...
A flattering neckline...
Whit shy but beautiful sleeves. 
Perfect to be the dress of the first day of the wedding in Poland.

The second dress is:

Yes, this amazing blue dress, you already knew that my favorite colour is blue, i love blue, so i have to fell in love for a blue dress obviously...
A very long blue dress, a strong blue that make us stop for a few minutes just for looking...
The waist shape, the neckline full of details... the perfect dress for the second day of the wedding in Poland.

What do you think about these two dresses?


1 comment:

  1. Adoro o vestido azul, mas se fosse curto era melhor é que eu não tenho perna comprida para isso tudo xD
    Gostei das escolhas, vais ficar um arraso ;)
    Beijinhos :D


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