Wednesday 28 September 2016

New In: Gearbest

Hi guys, recently Paulo bought a 2-1, what is that, a tablet that becomes a computer? Like a surface. 
He bought it online, in a website that i never tryed, .

A few days later they contact us to try some of their fashion products... 

Was quite nice because they have great itens and amazing prices.

Today I decided to bring you guys some pictures of that itens:

My mom stole my ungry cat t-shirt from me... she loves cats like me and she loves t-shirts with animal faces... and to be honest this tshirt suits her...

My sister fell in love for this Dress, the bohemian dress, I didn't felt that it was appropriate for my age, but she loved it, but is quite big for her, our mom will have to make some arregements for it to fit her properly.

My favorite is this Sweet White Top Sleeveless really pretty:

Brilliant Clothes, 

Great Prices

Really good Quality, 

I wasn't really expecting this kind of quality for this kind of price.

Even my boyfriend laptop is amazing.

The parcels take around 10-15 days to arrive to the UK, ~

I'm quite impress with this website, we will continue to buy in

Completely approved!


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