Friday 6 January 2017

My Home # 1

Now that Christmas finished is time to think in sunny days, good weather and Summer...

We already booked our May holidays...

We are going for 7 night in Punta Cana, 9 hours and 15 minutes flight...

So to forget how cold is outside, and because I came quite sad from Portugal I decided to change somethings at home...

Like the potpourri, the potpourri pot and the shower curtain.

My new Potpourri is beautiful, and smells so good, it costed me £4 in Matalan's store in Sutton, the colors, this sea set «has a calming marine fragrance of lemon, grapefruit and orange, a hint of sun ripened pear, orange blossom, muguet and violet whilst luxurious ambar and cedarwood add depth to the scent.

The Potpourri Pot was ordered on amazon. It costed £13. Is a coconut bowl with a interior sky blue. Quite exotic, remembering the beach and the sand and a drink with an umbrella.

In last i bought an amazing shower curtain online with starfishes on Rosegal, it costed me $16.80 around £14, and it is quite goo, great quality, amazing pritting... and makes my day when i'm having my shower in a warm bathroom with all this shells and starfishes.

Like you can see is quite nice and suits my bathroom, the website has a huge number of shower curtains with beach themes... some less expensive, others more expensive, but all equally cute. Like for example:

And you?

Are you prepared for Summer or you still thinking on your weight Pos-Christmas?

I hope that bit my bit my home can be an inspiration for you!*


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