Sunday 8 January 2017

My Pink Parcel - Limited Edition - Clutch Edition

Something that I bought in December but I just saw in January was my Pink Parcel.

Like you know I spend 3 weeks away...

I was expecting to receive it before travelling but it arrived 2 or 3 days after I left. But is always good to have this kind of things waiting for us at home.

A Pink Parcel is a monthly thing, that you subscribe and is suppose to arrive on your period time with good things to arrive and make you feel better in that hard hours/days like tampax and other goodies... What makes a woman feel better? MAKEUP, SURPRISES, CHOCOLATE... TEA... 

This is a great idea, when your inside starts bleed your postman arrives a goodie bag to make you feel better. 
Every month like a lover, instead feeling that you are living in a terror movie.

I haven't subscribed yet, but i recently bought the Limited Edition Clutch Bag, it cost me £29.99 but at the moment they have the last units on sale for just £19.99. Grab Yours.

They advertise that it worth around £150, with good stuff inside... So i took my chance and I have ordered it.

And I can say that i don't regret my decision. The bag brings amazing goodies.

The clutch is quite nice...

And all the goodies inside are amazing:

Lots of make up, sweeties, sugar tablets, same samples, some wipes, a brush key ring, nail polish... I really loved the full set of items:

We already had lots of beauty boxes options, but a menstruation box... that is a great idea.

I loved the box and I hove that this box surprises me again.

Enjoy your period *


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