Wednesday 29 March 2017

Girls and Weddings: Wedding Dresses

Last Week I felt quite weird, took me a while to understand the reason... and in the end was so unreasonable that I'm a shame  of the way that i spoke with my P*.

One of my work friends got engaged in Rome and I felt jealous, I don't know why, because I never felt the need of get married, but all that dresses, the ring, everything made me think about marriage, but I know that P* is not ready at all for that, so that was one of the reasons that made me be more distant from him.

Now I'm feeling better with the scenario, so we are seeing some dresses to take some ideas for her big day.

One of the website that we checked in was the

They have nice examples with amazing prices:

All of them would be dresses that I like to try.

Besides the long typical dresses, this store offers some Short Wedding Dresses, is not something that i dream with but they are more casual and still quite cute.

These are not my favorites but are still quite girly.

I Would prefer to see and try before engaging with such a special thing, but i met lots of brides that choose their dresses online and after that they made changes, depends which kind of bride you are and which kind of weeding you choose.

And You? How Would you like to get married?

This post is sponsored by Ca Bridals and until the date of the publication we have no experience buying in this store. Like sizes, kind of fabrics or quality. So Liberdade Negra will not take any kind of responsibility on each individual option of our readers. 


  1. Que vestidos tão lindos! Beijinhos*

  2. Percebo o que dizes. Sou muito nova para as minhas colegas se casarem, mas sinto que quando acontecer eu irei ficar um bocadinho nostálgica e "estranha", tal como tu ficaste.
    Os vestidos que escolheste são bonitos, gosto em especial do primeiro e do segundo.

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy ♥

    1. é um sentimento muito estranho digo te ja ahahahah

  3. Tanto vestido bonito... Só é pena o preço ahahah

    1. a maioria é mais acessivel do que eu pensava

  4. Os dois primeiros vestidos são muito bonitos :)

    Eu já usei o meu há uns quantos anos ;)

    Beijinhos <3


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