Tuesday 16 May 2017

NEW IN: Tosave.com

Just a few days ago I received a quite nice package, it came from http://www.tosave.com 
Tosave is an international company that sends lovely and useful items worldwide.

I know, I know I love ordering stuff online.

With a $15 budget I was able to order 5 items that besides cute are quite useful, like a travelling blue mug, so sweet, a cute mirror with heart lights, a quite basic photos background, an unicorn sewing patch, and a starfish hair clip.

Quite a basket with such a small budget.

My 2 favorites in this order are the mirror with light and the travel mug  such cuteness together... I can't handle! The mug costed $4.08 around 3.71€, the mirror costed $7.74 something about 7€.

The photo background costed $1.78, 1.62€ and I believe that is the acquisition more helpful for our pictures. Maybe I enjoy this one, looks like it :)
I want to get a personalized coat with pins and patches, when I saw this unicorn I felt that it should go well with all my pins, now I just need to find the jacket of my dreams, it costed $0.43, 0.39€.
I didn't like the starfish as a hair clip, first the clip came disconnected from the clip, and with a funny, fishy smell, but I found it quite attractive as a decorative item, suits quite well in my living room with the rest of the nautical items. It costed $1.07. 0.97€

Quite an amazing order, and i'm really happy with every item that I have received. The products have a pretty good quality, and the only weird item was really the starfish.

I trust this online store. And I classify it with 4 hearts.

Besides the https://www.tosave.com they have a Https://www.beautyinhair.com, a store that sells hair extensions and a few other products for hair.


  1. Mas que coisas tão giras, adorei :)

  2. Adorei tudo especialmente o espelho :)
    Não existe diferença nenhuma apenas mesmo a cor da embalagem, o conteúdo é todo igual.

  3. Gostei das imagens! E a estrela do mar hahah

    Blog: O Planeta Alternativo

  4. Quanta coisa fofa, amei o unicornio! Quero um



  5. The travel mug is so cute, also the mirror ^^
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  6. Que ricas comprinhas :) Esse espelho e lindo :)


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