Monday 31 July 2017

Hair Force 1?

A few weeks ago I received a really nice box from, inside I found 2 products Hair Force 1, they are well known by their capacity to improve hair loss.

Like everyone knows, I suffer from a slight genetic alopecia...

Like you can see I have a reduce amount of hair on my front head, what affects a lot my self-esteem, specially is quite hard to love a picture where you can see my hair shortage like this ones, great pictures that I can't love :( 

Besides that (that seemed more than enough, I'm a nurse so I'm always with my hair tied up) from a day to another my hair started falling like I never saw it.

I'm not sure how I didn't get bald!

So I had to try this products!

What says the brand?

Hair Force Shampoo and Lotion helps to stop hair loss. 
HAIR FORCE ONE is specially formulated by our team of pharmacists to help men and women who:
- Suffer from hair loss (Alopecia)
- Want to stimulate hair growth
HAIR FORCE ONE lotion and shampoo contain two powerful ingredients, Capigen and Capilectine, that stop hair loss within a few days and accelerate new hair growth*.
Our treatment can even be used if you do not suffer from hair loss but simply wish to make them grow faster and stronger.
* Provided that hair follicles have not completely disappeared. The shampoo also contains extracts from Baobab, also known as “the Tree of Life”.
Carried out by the independent laboratory SEDERMA. These clinical tests show that HAIR FORCE ONE:
  1. Decreases seborrheic activity by 62%,
  2. Brings hair loss to a halt,
  3. Increases the amount of visible hair by 69%,
  4. Accelerates new hair growth by  33%,
  5. Stimulates new hair growth,
  6. Accelerates overall hair growth up to 152% (117% on average).

  • For best results, use HAIR FORCE ONE Shampoo two or three times a week during the course of the treatment.
  • Rub the lotion on the scalp every morning for two months - your hair can be either wet or dry. Do not rinse.
My results?

My hair is growing faster than never, I still notice some hair loss in really reduce %, my hair is cleaner and healthier.

I fell more confident, happier and I'm enjoying my new photos!

I'm really happy with this products:
4 out of 5 hearts 
  • I still need to use a leave-in from a different brand anti-frizz 
  • The smell of this products is not my favorite
  • Excellent results 
  • Excellent relation quality/price

You can buy the pack of Shampoo + lotion + wood brush, saving 35% (£29.00)
Just the shampoo or just the lotion costs £17.50 so gets cheaper if you buy the pack...
You can buy it on it arrives quite quickly to your house and you can pay with your Paypal.

Cheap, quick, easy and safe!

Your hair is part of your personality and you deserve to enjoy it!
Threat yourself.

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