Wednesday 30 August 2017

Daniel Wellington for Him

I'm crazy about watches.

When I met Paulo, he didn't want to use watches, he never used one, until our first Christmas living together, I found a cute watch in the airport and I bought it.

He loved, since them he got addicted, in less them 18 months he got at least 4 or 5 more watches, one of them is from one of the brands that I really like is Daniel Wellington.

How can  you don't love them?

They work so well with everything, check the photos of or road trip to Portsmouth, I loved to met this city, was just amazing and my man looked just amazing on the top of the Spinnaker Tower:

And in here, holding my favorite donuts ever, and I was counting each minute to be able to eat them! Mmmmm

P*'s watch is a Daniel Wellington, Classic Sheffield 40mm, silver, in this house we are silver lovers, not so happy with gold but we cannot resist to silver eheh.

This watches are amazing with an excellent quality, ordering it online arrives quite quick to your house.

we are completely in love with our Daniel Wellington watches
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