Thursday 3 August 2017

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A few weeks ago I order 2 amazing items from Rosegal.
A top for me and a t-shirt for my man.

In the end of our July' holidays we went to visit the lavender fields near our house and we took some cute shots.

For me a cute black top kiss kiss, with some perfect lace that I love!

For my man I picked a grey t-shirt with an american print that quite suits him.

Was quite a good way to celebrate the end of our summer holidays, the fact that I lost a stone, I still have a few to lose but this first one was quite important...

The items are quite cute and cheap, Paulo's t-shirt $8.20 around 7€, my top costed $18.60 around 16€.

They have an amazing quality, quite the size that was in the website, besides the fact that they advertise that the sizes can change a few inches from what is in the website.

I made my order on the 18th June, was shipped on the 21st and arrived to me on the 7th July, quite quick.

Now i'm waitting another order from Rosegal, I loved so much this items that I had to order a cute dress, a nice jacket and a shirt to my man :) i'm quite excited to see them arrive home!!

I give a 5 out of 5 hearts to this amazing store!

Take a look on this amazing black tops


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