Wednesday 29 November 2017

Wishlist New HOUSE :)

"New home,
New adventures,
New memories."
Today I'm coming to show you guys my new home choices.
Yes, with the packing I decided to send some of our clothes to the hospital, I sold others, trashed some... 

Now is time for us to pick some new ones... so I took a look in some websites and I found some cool stuff @

For me, I found a cap sleeve t-shirt, an american flag t-shirt, a pineapple swimsuit and a v neck sweater. I love to use t-shirts even in winter under my clothes, I'm a a layer person, ahah I'm not from Nazaré, but sometimes I feel like a Nazarena! The swimsuit is just because I'm already with my heart in Turkey and the sweater.... the sweater is just amazing! 

For Him I found 4 great items, a denim jacket, a zip up hoodie, a v neck jumper and a crew neck jumper, my favorite is the hoodie and the v neck jumper, but I know that he would prefer the crew neck, just because has one less colour and he prefers the simple pleasures of life.

And because Christmas is going to be in our house I found some cute ideas to the house... they are already on my shopping car :) 
Like this mermaid tail blanket, this bathroom kit and this adorable bottles holder.

 Hope that you have enjoyed my suggestions, please leave your feedback 


  1. Ai que essa loja tem cada coisa mais linda que outra
    adorei as tuas escolhas
    CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias


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