Sunday 18 March 2018

Review: Astral Gains Gold Potion


Recently I had the chance of working with Astral Gains.

Astral Gains sells an amazing gold based potion.

They gave me the chance to try this potion and I took it.

It arrived to my house near the time to go to New York, the first months from 2018 have been quite stressful and full of challenges. 2017 was not a chill out year.

We had a quite few trips, like NYC and Milan, but besides it I had to pause my course due to the lack of support from work, plus a few hard shifts and some challenges in my way... and sometimes is not that easy to carry on with a smile in your face, is not that easy to fell motivated every morning... So when I notice what I could expect from this gold potion I decided to take it on board and test it.

24K colloidal gold ingredients:

Fluoride Free water
24k gold
Himalayan rock salt
Cinnamon bark extract 
Pure silver particles

After making all about it in the morning...

What is my opinion?

After taking this potion for a month I fell much better, I fell much more motivated to wake up in the morning and take off to work, and our shifts are so long and so intense, is so easy to lose motivation, my concentration level increased a lot, I fell tired in the end of the day but I don't feel defeated anymore, I feel calmer, more positive and I feel that I make my decisions based in my options and not in my stress level.

What is the con? Vivid dreams, to me is been my share part of nightmares, living far away from my family, having some stresses, scares me a lot, so my unconscious plays with my darkest feelings and gives me some hard nights. Lots of people sees it as a good thing, vivid dreams, you can find great ideas. After a few days taking this potion, I started feeling more confident, less scared about the future and my life and the dreams got more settled.

In my opinion if you can invest in Yourself, £40 a month, this is a great way of doing it.

If I will buy my next bottle? I have been off it for the last 2 weeks but I still feel the good effects on my body. If I feel that I'm going back to bad habits, feeling defeated and tired all the time, I will indeed order it. Because you don't need to suffer from depression to feel depressed, but you can deteriorate from feeling depressed to depression, so is in your hands to change your own path!

Them let me know what you felt regarding this amazing magic potion.


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