Wednesday 20 June 2018

Leggings, Yes or No?

Diamonds were once a girl best friend... Then leggings happened!

I'm a legging friend, it can be comfortable just for a quick run to the market, or a crazy fit moment, or to be around the house, a fun day out, we can use leggings in any way.  

One of my favourite online stores are selling cute leggings and that store is ZAFUL

I found some of the cutest leggings online SEE MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE some with funny prints, others quite colourful, the most part of them super appropriated for sports, or riding a bike, I picked a few of my favourites, just check my top 5 leggings @ Zaful: 

5)  Mesh Panel Heathered Sporty Leggings - available in Black, 3 sizes, small, medium and large: 

Perfect for jogging or a sporty day!

4) Sculpt Perforated Sports Leggings - Available in Black and Navy Blue and 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. 

Casual, ready for an afternoon dancing or jogging, or even ideal for a full day at home being just lazy. 

3)  Calf Cross Marble Print Capri Leggings - only available in Marble White, 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large 

Perfect for a casual afternoon in the park, with the girls, catching some sun, having a laugh, fun and even a nice BBQ. 

2) Mesh Panel Stirrup Sports Leggings -it was initially available in Army Green, Black and Pink plus sizes Small, Medium and Large.

I would use this kind of leggings for a busy day out, running to do all my shopping and to go to the post office and to still come home and cook for the next days of work, in terms of colour these ones and the blue ones are my favourites!

1) And my favourite, Print Lace Ombre Stirrup Leggings - only available in Pinkish Purple Medium and Large

I love the print, the mix of colours and the colours in general.

And You? 
What do you feel about leggings?


  1. Adorei as com vários tons de rosa, mesmo giras! :D
    The Midnight Effect / Instagram

  2. Yes yes yes :D Sou leggings addicted com tunicas, vestidos :) adoro, andar confortavel e o meu utero agradece hehe :)


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