Saturday 10 November 2018

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP ROSE

"Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvellous" - Estee Lauder

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I and my amazing collection of perfumes have the pleasure to introduce to our newest member, yes it is a tiny perfume but very powerfull, because size doesn't mean anything. 

I got in love for the first time with the Carolina Herrera's perfumes when I was a teenager, by the 212 for men, the perfume looked more right than the men, and from there I just carried on adding more and more perfumes from this brand to my collection. I met the Vip Rose when I won a nail polish in a giveaway, from a well known drug store, with the nail polish came a small sample of this perfume, so when I saw this pill shape perfume at Notino, I knew that it had to be mine!

So when it arrived at my house it fitted perfectly in my collection!

The perfume bottle is beautiful but the perfume is just to die for.

The perfume is sweet and just surrounds us like a mothers hug, but sexy and feminine, such characteristic perfume, so Carolina Herrera, I start to think that I manage to feel their fragrance a mile away.

In a pill shape ah ah, I'm a nurse off course that I would be attracted do a pill shape perfume, basic common sense, It brings only 20mls, but with that I managed to have a really nice new perfume and join it to my long lasting collection without having mister P* saying: «One more perfume my love, but you already have so many!» eh eh, what he doesn't get is that I love each one of them and I cannot get rid of it, and I feel sorry when they are due to finish, I always save a few drops for a rainy day until I have the chance to replace it!

Perfumes, lipsticks, hair care products, bags, and trips are never enough, I'm completely addicted, my real life drugs, that are legal and give me a lot of pleasure.

I don't know how to explain this kind of love, bags love us forever, travelling gives us experience, make us richer, taught us things, give me more culture and a different perspective about the world, my hair is my crown, lipsticks give colour to any grey and foggy day, but perfumes well they just make me fell in love each time that I put them on and if they came in a nice pretty bottle even worse, well, I'm weak and I can't stop myself of having as many as I can.

With notes of wood, peach blossom, champanhe, ambar, white musk, fruity, floral mas sweet.

I already had the 212 Vip Sexy on my collection and they are so similar and so different at the same time, I honestly prefer the Vip Sexy, is a long lasting perfume and course, perfumes are always an excellent investment.

I rather  prefer to spend money on perfumes to spend it on clothes or shoes, but this is only my opinion, but I work in a hospital and we all know that hospitals have their own personal smell so when I ran out of the door I need a really nice perfume to put on and I need the environment surrounding me smelling really nice.

What is your relationship with perfumes, are you guys just crazy per perfumes like me?


  1. Assim que consiga vou já a uma loja para ver o aroma desse perfume! Beijinhos*

  2. Posso dizer que tenho um dessa marca mas de embalagem bastante diferente, mas esse parece ter um cheiro bastante bom
    Novo post //Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  3. Adoro perfumes mas sou bastante selectiva.
    Da Gama 212 gosto do normal e do sexy


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