Friday 7 December 2018

6 years together

5 + 1

3 + 3

2 + 4

1 + 1 + 4...

It feels that I blinked and 6 years of our lives have passed...

It doesn't look like 6 years...

But it is...

People nowadays seem to think that love for them is easy, that the other person will always agree with them and if it doesn't work out at the first time is time to move on...

Well, we are kind of on our 2nd or 3r attempt depending on the point of view... in our first months together we had issues and went apart for a bit when I moved to the UK we split up, we had massive fights in the last 6 years, we had small fights... we had everything... but we had to work towards an happy life together.

I could say that we don't live without each other, but that is a lie, our heart still beats even if very heavily, but we are not the people that we want to be without the other one.

I lived my best adventures with him, I suffered from cold as I never suffered with him,  I been happier than ever with him...

But we work every day towards happiness, we are different, we have different opinions, we like different things, but when we are together we are a team. And his arms I feel protected and at home.

But if we gave up we weren't going to have this amazing life, we decided to celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss as to be the anniversary of our love, probably because this was the day that I felt that we were going to be together for the rest of my life, just because you could follow my thoughts in the middle of my craziness... 

In you, 

I found a lover, 
a best friend, 
a travel companion, 
a shoulder to cry, 
a teammate, 
a co-pilot, 
the love of a life.

Happy anniversary, my love.

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