Monday 3 December 2018

December - Day 3 - A Treat!

"Chocolate is better than therapy and you don't need an appointment."

"Life happens, chocolate helps!"

"A Balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!"
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Yes, I'm going to talk about chocolate today!

Recently I had the chance to try some of the amazing chocolate truffles from Monty Bojangles and I believe that the whole world is missing an amazing pleasure.

It simply melts in your mouth and takes you to your best and happiest memories.

I love cats and the brand's name comes from Andrew's fancy cat, to be fair, I completely understand the association between truffles and cats. Cats are independent, refined, they are the image of the finest. Just like chocolate...

When you are on a diet what is the most exquisite desert? I'm pretty sure that you are going to answer something with chocolate. Chocolate is simply finding perfection in nature.

I got a TASTE ADVENTURES TRUFFLE ASSORTMENT and a WINTER WANDERLAND TRUFFLE ADVENT CALENDAR to try and I must say that was one of my palate's favourite experiences.

I must say that each flavour is amazing but at our house, we had to pick favourites, while he prefers the blue, green, yellow ones, I prefer the pink, purple, orange and red ones. Like this everyone gets happy.

My favourite is the Orange Angelical truffles, while the Cookie Monster prefers the Cookie Moon truffles but each one of them is so special, we open the individual package, a familiar sense invades our nose, we take a small piece of heaven from the package,  it approaches your mouth you start feeling an increase of saliva in your mouth...

A perfect explosion of flavour in your mouth.


Besides the amazing flavour and taste experience, the branding is amazing, cute drawings, festive boxes, especially on the advent calendar that each door has its own message.

I have been in love with this perfect truffles since the moment that they knocked at my door, all experience has been great and I am so pleased.

Now I just run to bed every night thinking: "tomorrow is a brand new day, I can have another truffle if it belongs to my chosen flavour!", today it didn't belong to me, so now I have to wait for tomorrow to see if I'm getting luck!

I must say that you have to try these truffles to understand how heaven tastes like! Especially now at Christmas time because as soon as you try it Christmas will taste much better! 

You can order it from their website, visit their truffle bar in Reigate or look for it on the shelves of the big stores.

Well, time to go to bed now because I have another door to open tomorrow!

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