Thursday 28 February 2019

Directly from the tree...

"To taste fruit's life, sometimes you have to go out on a limb." - Jane Lee Logan

Before I moved to London, I lived in a tiny town in Portugal, where I used to climb trees and eat oranges lying down under the tree. Familia Serra,, brought my childhood taste to the cold weather of London.

La mejor naranja - The best orange!

By now I should know that great thing comes from Valencia, my best friend, a friend that got into my heart from the first day she moved to the room next door to mine, in that hospital accommodation comes from Valencia, Familia Serra fruits are 100% natural and 100% Valencian.
I simply love London, this is my house, a city that embraced me instead of trying to change me, but sometimes that tomboy misses her trees, the air of that small town that saw her running for everything, how everything tasted so perfectly.

I miss the taste of so many things, the fruits in London look so perfect, so shiny, even offseason, I found out that the reason is that the fruits spend months/years in fridges, intoxicated with artificial treatments, to make them last longer, to grow more and quicker, to look better, but I cannot close my eyes and feel the ground in my body, or the grass in my face.

And then... I got the opportunity to try the Familia Serra Fruits... yes, they trust so much in their fruits that they allow you to receive the products at home and pay afterwards, how amazing is that?    

Five kilograms of amazing and tasty fruits, oranges, lemons and mandarins. 

Each one is tastier than the other...

They were all sooooo sweet and juicy.

While opening the box you see rough, ugly fruits, indeed, but the smell that comes from the inside of the box is so intense and phenomenal like if it was the most expensive of the perfumes.

No fridges, NO SH**! Directly from the Tree to my door.

When You cut an orange from the supermarket no matter how long you had it at home, is almost dry and tasteless... 

When you cut a Familia Serra's orange, well, first your hands feel how juicy they are, then the smell takes me back to the top of the trees in my mum's house when I was around 10 years old, with my sister calling me down, she was so tiny and even like that she started climbing it, I grabbed a couple of fruits and I came down, lying down on the floor with her, eating fruits, together, laughing together, squeezing them, is like feeling that freedom, that simplicity of life, of a 10 years old again, and sipping the juice that comes from them? OMG is like feeling the taste of raw honey, so sweet, like that years were, next to my little sister.

And of course, I drink orange juice from wine glasses, everything tastes better in a wine glass, but a freshly squeezed orange juice tastes perfect.

Is so important to have into consideration healthy options, to replace artificial food with natural options, from skipping diseases to prolong our lives, but Familia Serra to me has a different meaning, brings me happy memories. And that is simply perfect.  
And you, are you ready to give a healthy chance to yourself? 


  1. Eu tb comia laranjas e outras frutas directamente da árvore (mts vezes quentes por estarem ao sol).
    Hoje em dia é difícil encontrar alimentos tão saudáveis como antigamente :(


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