Thursday 7 March 2019

Beauty Boxes | Birchbox

Over the times I have tried a couple of different beauty boxes, I subscribed the most part of them for a couple of months, but today I'm coming to advise you on the one that I feel that is the best of all them.

"Beauty begins the moment that you decide to be yourself." - Coco Chanel

My favourite at the moment is the Birchbox: It costs £10+shipping a month and it brings quite nice stuff, usually, you can always find per box hair care, makeup, washing products.

The price is really excellent, and usually, it pays off in one product, for example in the picture above the makeup brush pays for the box, which is really amazing.

The shower gel from Anatomicals is great and I love the brand and then is a great opportunity to try new products, from brands that you don't know or even have some curiosity about them but never made a purchase, maybe find some new favourites.

One great thing that they have at the moment is that if you sign in for your first box throw my link you get £5 off in that box, so just sign in

Often they have offers of free gift on your  1st box, I got an eye shadow palette, Expresso Yourself from The Beauty Crop.

This month the freebie is an amazing lipstick, Get a FREE INC.redible Jelly Shot Lipstick with your first Birchbox this March. Hurry, limited stock! Use code JELLY at checkout. Each Lipstick costs £8 (only this lipstick) the box pays for itself I guarantee you that.

The image was taken from the Birchbox website.

I am very happy with my Birchbox, I love the freebies, the box content, the price, I believe that at the moment is one of the cheapest boxes in the market, and the one that has the best quality-price relationship.

I already had a sneak peek on the March box and it looks really amazing, I highly recommend that you try it, and don't forget you can cancel it at any time!

Don't forget to follow my link for £5 off, while in there check if you can get a free freebie with your first box... 


  1. Adorei as cores das sombras!
    Será que existe essas versões cá em Portugal??

    Sandra C.

  2. Good review 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. Nossa que essa caixa não conhecia, mas traz bastantes coisas, adorei a paleta
    Novo post //Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  4. Gosto tanto deste tipo de caixas. Infelizmente nunca adquiri nenhuma! Beijinhos*


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