Thursday 27 June 2019

The Insiders | Fossil Sport Smartwatch - FTW6022 (Blush)

"Do one thing every day that scares you!" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Recently I wrote a blog post about WOM Marketing, one of my favourite platforms is The Insiders, they always have great campaigns.

Since I joined their website I managed to be selected to 2 campaigns, but only successfully completed this one, so I got the Fossil Sport Smartwatch, I paid 130£ deposit, however, if I decide to return the watch I will be refunded.

I got my smartwatch less than a week later after I paid the security deposit.
Unboxing was really funny, I'm not too keen on youtube videos, but it is a beautiful watch and was very interesting.

Almost a month after receiving this smartwatch I am ready for my review.

The perfect match between pink, rose gold and white.

I saw a few reviews and critics to this smartwatch, like the battery's durability but to be fair I think that the battery is enough for me, I charge my phone every day, so I'm happy to charge my smartwatch as well (it charges very quickly).

I'm a nurse, so I'm not allowed to use watches, bracelets or any kind of accessories at work, so I use this smartwatch mainly for recreational activities, to count my steps when I go for a walk or run, by the way, it is indeed a sports smartwatch, it has very straight forward functionalities for exercise and welfare, I really like the Heart Rate measure and the advice of breathing exercises, especially when I'm struggling with my stress level and I don't even realize.

The app Wear OS by Google is very easy to use and you can pick the watch face that is most convenient from beautiful option, you can change it every time that you want with no limitations.

What I like the most about this smartwatch is the fact that gives me hands-free, free of my phone, every notification cames into my wrist, so instead of running to my phone every time that it vibrates, I can check what's going on, and if is nothing urgent I can carry on being somewhere instead of being on my phone, this smartwatch makes me more connected to the world around me instead of being connected with my phone!

Before the arrival of the Fossil Sport Smartwatch, I didn't remember the last time that I walked around, even for a power walk facing the world, I was constantly on my phone and I had plenty excuses like I need to change the music or I need to reply this text. or even I need to check that Instagram message... 

Not anymore, now I can read what people send straight in the watch, I can control my playlist on my phone, I can even reply... No more excuses, the world is so beautiful and it must be seen!

I have another smartwatch and this is more casual, more focused on sports and improving your workouts.

If you are looking for a sportive smartwatch to keep you on track this Fossil smartwatch is for you. 

Workout with style, 
Water resistant up till 30m,
Fast charging, 
Keeps connected with people instead of connected to your phone.

It is perfect.

The only thing that I would like to change is that it should come with some battery, mine was completely dead, and as a techy maniac as soon as a new toy arrives I like to play with it... I hate to be waiting for it to charge. 

But besides that, I'm extremely happy and highly recommend this smartwatch!  

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