Friday 24 July 2020

Shopping | UK | Bicester Village

Maybe in a different life I would never consider to drive to Oxford just for shopping & dinner, but now I'm a fancy bitch LOL so, yes, now I drive around 90 minutes each way only for shopping.

One of my friends told me, let's go for Oxford for shopping? And I thought, "why?!, but why not?!" I had nothing better to do, and nowadays I try to keep myself active and out of the house as much as I can, so... Yes I went!

I got myself, up, ready and cute.

I even wear one of my hats, I do love a nice hat, my mum tried to get me into it when I was a child, but she failed, then when I was on my late teens, I started appreciating a nice hat, and now I have a small collection that I'm very proud.

To be honest I decided to wear a hat because besides been a summer day was raining like crazy, I do love walking, dancing and swimming in the rain, but I don't like to get my glasses wet, so a hat helps a lot with that dilemma!

I had left from a night shift that morning and to be honest I was probably slowing dying at this pic stage, I honestly believed that I slept the journey back home, so you can imagine how tired I was!

And you ask why did je moi, went all the way to Oxford only for shopping, the answer is very simple, because probably there is the cutest outlet shopping I ever visit, the Bicester Village, basically a village of stores, plenty parking space, I completely felt in love with the space! (& I have been to NYC and I walked all that fancy Avenues, the experience is completely different, this little shopping village is so cute and different!)

From Armani to Pandora, Balenciaga, BOSS, Christian Louboutin, Timberland, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Furla, Fendi, Gucci, So many other big names, some that I never heard about. All with discounts up till 60% what is quite impressive! I will be back for sure when I have some pocket money to spend. FOR SURE!

And besides the great discounts that you get in amazing products the most amazing thing about this Outlet is the layout, almost every store lives in a little villa, some smaller stores share a villa,  bigger stores, bigger villas, it's really cute, the experience makes it the most perfect retail therapy. 

Imagine yourself, in a small retail village, that is the experience... A day in a shopping town, you can shop, have a decent coffee or a meal. The perfect day!

 I didn't bought anything, I was more browsing, checking prices, getting amazed with that space, enjoying the experience. I didn't really went shopping to buy anything but my friend didn't agree with me and got me an incredible gift, I have been in love with the Michael Kors bags since I known myself as a person!

So I got the first one in this amazing space, in this amazing day! And what a great price, 50% off, half price, and I am so in love with it.

And for me, Oxford = Wagamama in a little corner by the market, I just had to go and have a meal there, well they were still not open for a meal, but I could have it as Takeaway, and yes, I did had my Ramen in the car and It was delicious!

It was an amazing trip, the place was amazing, great brands, great discounts, the perfect spot for a retail therapy day!

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