Friday 27 November 2020

Home Decor | Desenio Makes the difference

In such times like the ones we are living, our home is our safe place, our fortress, the only place where we are kind of safe, where we seek comfort, rest and where we mainly spend our free time.

So, today, more than ever we must feel on our best at home...

Today, Black Friday I came to talk to you guys about a wonderful company called Desenio...

[And, yes, they are with a Black Friday Discount, 35% off on prints till 30/11, so run and check it out!!!!]

Something that I completely fell in love was with Desenio's Gallery Walls, they are to die for!

All 4 pictures were taken from the Gallery Walls on their website, I must confess that when I was browsing their website to make my order I was so confused about what to order, what was the priority, to give tone and light to all the house or just create the most wonderful wall at home? 

Well, I end up, picking art for 2 parts of the house, my bedroom, the central piece of my existence indoors, and for the living room, to amaze the guests that I can't have and to entertain myself.

OMG, and that was even more difficult because after deciding the areas that you want to address in your house, you need to think about budget, and my dear all budget talk in a website like Desenio it is indeed a hard conversation because as soon as you look, you want it all, even if you don't have space for all of it! 

I end up choosing 4 pieces for my bedroom and only 2 for my living room, I'm considering to add a few more pieces to my living room, but at the moment my bedroom is perfect just as it is!

And was so hard to pick each one, from maps, cities, flowers, animals, black and white, coloured, Oh Gosh, they have so many prints, and each one more amazing than the previous one, I must say that I'm usually a spur of the moment decisions kind of person, it took me a few days to order, I was so fascinated about all the prints.

The easiest part was to choose the frames because you can buy the prints without the frames however I decided to order each print with a frame, my house is on a black and white colour palette with details of pink or red depending on the part of the house... So choosing the frames was a piece of cake: All my prints came matching with black picture frames.

The Prints I added at least 100 to my list and then I had to narrow them down to 6, was really a hard task, I initially thought about a travel inspiration theme, but then I thought that with travelling being out of the picture in the near future to most part of us, to change it... well and it worked pretty well, to be honest!

On top of my bed you can find 3 B&W prints, very bedroom like, at least so I thought:

And I picked another one for my «blogger area» that really complemented that little corner of the bedroom! To be honest, due to the fact that is been almost a year since the last time I had a holiday and for the entire year I have been sleeping in my bed, having only a few sleepovers at the hospital, working, and having a very cosy and comfortable bedroom made a huge difference, why do we need to pay for a hotel room when we are so cosy at home?

For the living room was just a little add on that I feel that is still quite incomplete, and I will end up with a gallery art behind my sofa but it is there that you can find one of my favourite prints, this print reminds, while I was still living back in Portugal, my last holiday was in Lisbon, and I can still hear Google Maps saying non-stop "Avenida de Ceuta, Avenida de Ceuta, Avenida de Ceuta" Ahah, good memories, so I really felt a deep need to ordering this print and adding it to my living room!

Life is made of where you come from, where you are and where you have to go, so you can't shut the past, you must accept it.

I highly recommend the website, they have amazing prints, the quality is amazing, it comes all really well packed. I'm honestly well impressed with Desenio.


  1. Oh que gosto bastante demais dos quadros dessa loja, a tua decoração ficou bastante bonita
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Ei! Vamos nos visitar. a propósito, eu amo seu blog


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