Wednesday 28 January 2015

2015 a good year for weddings

2014 already finish, and 2015 is a new year.

One new year,
new hopes and dreams,

a wedding it's a huge dream, 
and a huge hope in the future...

Every Girl dreams with her wedding, all the details, all the things, and in fact it's a amazing day, ( i hope, because i also have that dream)....

A huge dress, a big cake, one perfect day...

But my wedding is so farway... bahhh, but dreaming it's free... so i can see some dresses...

I never dream with a white dress, i'm just to white for a tipical white dress... but i want an amazing dress...

So in this store we can find some dresses wich we can dream :)

This store is the Weddinshe...

A few options for 2015:

LINK a flower dress for a girly bride 

LINK  a romantic dress for a romantic bride

LINK a fairy tale dress

and give a look in: Discount Champagne Wedding :)

Pretty wedding dresses :)

So take a look on this store and make a good choice :)

Don't forget they have dresses in the attractive champagne!

Choose be happy, and if you choose have a wedding 2015 i hope that will be an amazing day!

Kisses & Hugs

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