Thursday 2 April 2015

My New Glasses

2015 is the the glasses year.

I Bought the first pair, in January, them last month i received my red pair from Firmoo last month.

Firmoo is a website that sells low cost glasses.

A pair of glasses can just cost $40, these type of glasses are very cheap.

All my glasses are all formal colours like blue, black,... this time i choose a less usual colour... RED...

Can you imagine? Me and my red glasses?  

UK is so a grey and dark place that i tryed with this glasses to give more colour to my day!

I Love my new glasses.

Check here to buy your glasses on a low cost price.

Check for news on Firmoo facebook page.

Your glasses will arrive to your home in a few days, my glasses took less than a week to arrive home. Very quick. 

Liberdade Negra trusts on Firmoo! :)


  1. Ficam-te muito bem esses novos óculos. Gosto do pormenor dos lados :)

  2. Cabelo vermelho, óculos vermelhos :D
    Ficam-te muito bem ;)
    Beijinhos :)


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