Wednesday 28 December 2016


I Found a new and great store, that sells a bit of everything.

Beauty stuff, home decor, clothes for women and men, baby stuff... and the best thing is the price.

For my house i found some articles that i'm completly sure that i'm going to order:

Like a emoji man pillow... a emoji... yes, however quite unusual from what we expect:
A cat lover like me found 2 life savers... an amazing doormat and a metal sign:

'Cause we are travelling to Prague in less than 2 months i'm already with my mind in there so i found 5 Top Items to use in there:

I loved the pieces, they look great, they have great prices.

But, PAY ATTENTION, we haven't order from this store yet, so we don't have any idea of delivery times, conditions, or even the quality so we don't take any responsibility about this store.

If we order something from this store we will come back with a nice post about our order :)

Take care and enjoy your time Shopping safely.  


  1. adoro as luvas e as almofadas :D

  2. Love the items, ordered few times already, one item was very late, they re-send asap and told me to keep the second item as gift !


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