Thursday 12 January 2017

My new hand and body lotion from Saach Organics

A few weeks ago I received some products from Saach Organics

I imagine that you all know Saach Organics: Ayrvedic beauty products created using the most finest indian herbs, you can read more about this company here.

Saach means truth, and this are true organic products.

By all accounts I´m quite lasy, for me using beauty products regularly is quite strange, first i really need to use them, second I really need to love them.

Today i'm bringing you some news about their hand & body lotion MINT & ROSEMARY, 200 ml of pure revitalization to my skin cells after a day at the gym.

Yes, now that i'm trying to get at least healthier...
I'm really just important with my health and because I expect to arrive to 100 years old ( LOL ) e need to start looking after me... Is time already... I'm almost 26!

But I feel that after gym, after a good swim and few minutes in the steam room my skin starts cracking, I'm aware that doesn't happen, however feels like it, and i feel that she gets more dry than usual.

Because of that i started testing this product... and I have to tell you that the feeling after using it is great, you feel fresh, smelling great, and ready to go back to the gym and do some more exercise.

Rosemary and mint have great benefits for the skin, rosemary for example has iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants helping rejuvenate the skin, helps with acne, has anti-ageing properties, prevents skin infections and helps with chronic diseases like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. mint has anti-inflammatory properties that helps soften and calm dry and itchy skin, removes bad odors, calms your nerves, and many other benefits.

I understand this products, they bring to their creator memories of her mom, memories of enjoying time with her mom, and memories of her Country. 

Yes a Portuguese girl faraway from her mom, in England, quite understands that feeling.

A nice cream this one, that is quite well absorbed by the skin with a quite nice dispenser that provides you with enough product.

A 10.95£ cream that lasts forever and make you feel comfortable like a huge chocolate.

I'm really enjoying this product and my skin appreciates!!!

Thank you Harvinder, for this opportunity.


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