Saturday 13 May 2017

Wishlist Banggood

Hi Sweeties, I have been lost for a few days, after spending a very pleasant weekend at home and returning to work I got quite sick :( 

I'm starting to feel myself again, but not 100% yet.

Nothing to be concerned with, i'm starting to tolerate what I eat but still feeling weak.

My sis that is always the one that orders from every online store told me about a store called Banggood and showed me what she had order from them... quite nice items to be fair, but until today I never ordered anything from them, today we are starting a colaboration that I hope that gets quite long term.

I liked a few items from their store like:

Probably my favorite this chiffon blouse with travelling theme:

I'm trying to decide in between 2 blouses both with lovelly sleeves, first a bohemian and floral blouse 

And this precious Shoulder Off blouse:

I think that i'm ordering the last one, i just hope that the quality of the piece is good, because in the picture it looks quite nice!

Banggood has a pretty nice swimwear collection, and you know how excited I am with our trip to Punta Cana. I still looking for stuff to take there :) just check the link and choose your favorite!

Another thing that I felt that was just my type was this cute jewelry box with the flags, not that i need more boxes, but just because I love them ahahah

Now I need to pick wisely and finish my order then as soon at it arrives I will show you guys every detail.

Wait for it :) 


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