Tuesday 16 January 2018

Dresses with DRESSHOP

We grew up with princesses, princes, dragons, stepmothers,  and all that fairy tales.

And every girl knows the importance of a great dress, Cinderella showed us how important is to be a good girl but how much important is to have a killing dress to the Ball.

A few days ago I had the chance to cross my path with a website that has amazing dresses, dresses able to be your killing dress, YES you can call me your Fairy Godmother, be my guest! In that website they sell from wedding dresses, to prom dresses, even dresses to flower girls.  Interested? So check the DRESSOP website. And Guess What, they ship WORLDWIDE 

DRESS 1  |  DRESS 2  |  DRESS 3

Amazing dresses to amazing brides, WEDDING DRESSES, I don't imagine myself ordering a wedding dress online because of my weird body shape, but lots of coworkers have done it and they are quite happy with their decision. They have the cutest flower girl dresses, I really liked this one with red strip.

For 2018 I still don't have a plan for the wedding season, but one of the nice things of it is the dress shopping, in this website you can find some options for Prom dresses (the first blue one with the small stones, I love his bust), Bridesmaid dresses (the second blue one, just one shoulder, really feminine) and Evening dresses (black, some people says no to black in weddings, but black is always black and I love the flooting skirt), all quite lovely that I imagine myself using it!

They even have quality and trés chic options for the mother of the bride/groom, I found this one with a nice jacket, looks great and is available in lots of colors. 

I never bought in this website, they seem to have a great quality, but I cannot guarantee, Mimi in the Mirror doesn't take any responsibility on your orders.  

Enjoy this store


  1. Não conhecia a loja mas que tem vestidos bonitos tem
    Novo post ( Review Kit De Batons Matte ) // CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Gostei tanto da magia deste post :)
    Tao verdade, crescemos a ver as princesas da Disney e a imaginar-nos como elas e agora podemos sentirmo-nos verdadeiras princesas nestes vestidos :) Adorei o vestido da menina :) Alias adoro ve-las vestidas de princesas por ai aos fins de semana :)

  3. Aiii vestidos tão lindos! 😍😍😍😱😱😱


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