Wednesday 17 January 2018

Yoins Clothing

Today I'm coming to talk about another international store, Yoins Clothing, my sister quite loves this store, she is that kind of perfect girl, tiny, fit, that gets lovely in tiny clothes, like crop tops and sleepware. Yes completely the opposite of me... 

My Sister loves Yoins cute crop tops for women so I decided to pick some of them and  bring 4 great options to you, all quite feminine, lovely, cute and quite sexy:

I'm completely in love with these massive sleeves.

I really like this fashion Khaki crop top, Is just so powerful and amazing.

This blue with flowers and off shoulder looks pretty great as well.

I really liked this white one with flowers and lovely sleeves, so pretty.

Besides crop tops they have great women hot sexy lingerie and sleepware, I found some options really nice: 

I really liked this white lace lingerie, so, but so sexy.

Another really sexy option are silk imitation pajamas, suits any women.

And this sexy body suit? What do you think about it?

Such Feminine options hein?

I already order a few times from this store and I never had any problems, everything that I ordered had good quality and looked as expected, but Mimi in the Mirror doesn't take any responsibility on any order that you might make in the store.


  1. Uii eu amo lingerie. Gosto de me sentir sexy apenas para mim

    1. por acaso nunca foi algo que eu investisse muito nao sei porque


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