Saturday 25 August 2018

Decor | From Red Candy to Your House

"Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story."

Eric Flett,

I love my house, it reflects me, my experiences, my wishes, my dreams.

Each piece that joins the collection tells me a story or shows a piece of me, lots of pieces come from my journeys, tells my sweet love for a story like you can see from all my Beauty and the Beast stuff, all my pictures, all my books.

My small treasures, some picked from our amazing trips, a pair of Dutch clogs and some tulips, or a Venetian mask,  or a nice picture frame from Kos, or a turtle in volcanic rock from Turkey, lots of magnets from all over the place, a matrioska from Prague, some from Disney, I love Disney collectables, it takes me to amazing moments during my childhood.

Just some details from the comfort and love of my house.

Recently I was checking some stores online when I found the Red Candy, an amazing collection of items, I loved each one of them, I found myself with £200 in my basket when I decided to considerer my option, I end up with only £30 in the basket.

I would buy so many things, the Cooper collection is beautiful and was really hard to resist, I really like the rose gold items, they are still on my wishlist.

The items that I decided to order arrived quite quickly, a picture frame, two different coasters and a magazine rack:

Each piece has great quality and I love each one.

The magazine rack is just perfect, the campervan is a constant memory of how much we, as a couple, love to be on the road meeting new places, it holds great memories, for example at the moment holds an old magazine, a Vogue that I brought from New York.


If you prefer other colours Red Candy has it available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.

Photo frames, I spend so much money printing photos and buying frames, they are amazing decor items, how can someone not love them, pictures that talk with your memory, I have so many around the house and each one takes me to an amazing memory. 

This photo, for example, me and my sister, in the first festival, that she went with me, an amazing day, some of my best memories are with my sister and this is only one more! What I appreciate more in this frame is the shape, it is such a nice frame!

For last I left the cutest coasters that I have ever seen, FOR HER: Queen of awesomeness, FOR HIM: Mister Wonderful.

This website provides with a great offer, numerous and different items, the 4 items that arrived at my house quickly, well-packed and they are all from good quality and I definitely recommend this website. 

This bank holiday weekend they have a nice sale with 10% or more off over 1.000 items, I am going to enjoy a lot this sale


  1. Nossa que tem mesmo aí coisas de decoração que gostei bastante
    Novo post // CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Gostei mesmo muito da tua estante e desde ja agradeço pela recomendaçao desta loja pois ando à procura de um copo com luzes :)

  3. Hummm tenho Mesmo de ir dar uma espreitadela :D


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