Tuesday 2 October 2018

Life & Vitality with Muru London

"The supreme good of life is vitality. And vitality is always seeping away."
Roberto Unger 

I agree with Roberto and because of that, I try to find vitality in every place that I can. Besides believing in the healthy use of talismans I love a good rose gold piece so as soon as I found the Muru London website I couldn't resist ordering a piece.
I was lost in their website, so many beautiful pieces... 

It arrived so quickly and was so funny to unbox it:

I love how it comes, the fine box with the purple tie, perfect.

Like a present from the gods!

Belle was thinking that it was for her... and was really funny, but they say that cats are attracted to good things, and to be fair Belle as a distinct taste, very fancy this cat!

This cat is something else, but so as this necklace! 

Temple flower - for life and vitality:

~ The sacred temple flower represents positivity and vitality. They are thought to energize the soul & inspire wellbeing. 

As a necklace, it is beautiful, the right colour, the beads in perfect spaces give an amazing detail and I believe that it suits my personality, but wait and you will see it!

This necklace has been in a few countries already, I took it on my road trip to France - Belgium and I took it to Tunisia, we must enjoy every moment in life, our trips, a dinner with the hubby, a morning that we wake up a bit blue...

In Tunisia I felt complete, was a very complete trip, love, happiness, good times, amazing experiences:

And in our way to France:

The question of the day: Does this necklace gives me life and vitality?

~ I Believe it does indeed, might just, but I feel different using it, like happier, more powerful, able to do anything, and that increases exponentially my vitality and my thirst of life.

And from that comes new experiences, different kinds of happiness, it gives me a cleaner way of seeing life and I'm loving this better me. If it is the necklace? I don't know when I was in high school all my exams had to be done with the same blue pen because if they weren't I knew that I was going to fail and I would panic so much that I would really fail.

When you believe in something you will find in objects the strength that you need and you believe that it has.

I can give 4 stars to this necklace, just one negative aspect, if and when the necklace opens the pendant can get lost because at the end of the chain is too small to keep the pendant in it, unfortunately, I had that experience 3 times, one when I was taking the necklace off in the hotel in Tunisia, and the other 2 times was because I didn't close the necklace well enough, so it open in different times, I'm glad that I was successful to recover the pendant, otherwise I would lose the important part of my necklace. 

Besides that, I love my necklace and it is perfect!

What is your favourite necklace from Muru London? 


  1. Não sou grande amante de colares mas esse é simples e bonito

  2. Sou fã de colares simples e este é bem fofo, mesmo a minha cara.

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