Sunday 20 January 2019

Parenting | MooTV Kids

A parenting post on Mimi's blog?

Yeah, I know that feels odd, I'm not a parent and I keep myself away from kids in general, but that is often unavoidable...

Recently I was contacted via Linkedin to talk about this app, well, I didn't think that I was going to be able to talk about an app for kids when I know nothing about kids... so I passed the opportunity, however, I downloaded the app just for the sake of it thinking that I would never have the chance of using it...

And because I was an idiot I decided to share my thoughts about the app for free, ahah.

So I'm not a parent, but some of my friends are, (yeah, I'm in that age that all my friends seem to be old enough to get married and have kids and I'm still enjoying my Peter Pan Syndrome) so I sent the app for all my friends to see if their kids enjoyed it.

But while we went to Portugal for the holidays and I spent some time with Paulo's cousins and part of them are kids...  

I know that giving a phone to a kid is not the most educational way of entertaining a kid, but I was a kid, a couple of decades ago and I know how boring is to be somewhere with a bunch of adults, having adult conversations and me looking at them like if I was an idiot, with this in mind I gave my phone and with the help of MooTV kids, Tom and Jerry I managed to make 3 kids really happy.

The feedback that I got from my friends with kids is that the app is great and that they love them...

I think that this app is a good trick to have under your sleeve even if you have or not kids. 

I will keep it on my phone, it made me really popular during the holidays and that is the reason that I decided to share this app with you guys!

To download the app you can go to:

Available from Google Play, App Store.


  1. Pena que só vi agora este post pq pq h tive de lidar com uma miúda de 6 anos durante toda a tarde o.O

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