Thursday 23 July 2020

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With life slowly returning to normality, I started appreciating a bit more this country.  

(Probably because I can't fly home, and to fly overseas I have to go on my own, so it's just much easier and cheaper to visit new beautiful places around the UK and can be done more frequently and it's great solution to help me cope with the stressful times that I have been living!)

I never heard about the Hollow Pond until a friend mentioned it to me, but I had the most pleasant evening there, so I decided to share it with you. 

Location: Whipps Cross Rd, London, E11 1NP

"the mini oasis in the middle of London"

Rowing Boats: £10/half an hour; £15/hour, with a £10 deposit for the boat, refundable when you return the boat.

Epping Forest, Hollow Pond, 

Walking by the shores, by the water, in the middle of the trees is so comfortable to the soul it gives you such a sense of connection to mother Earth, it's the most wonderful feeling, believe me!

The Hollow Ponds were the result of the collective effort of a few unemployed Leytonstone men in Waltham Forest around 1905.

It was once the perfect place for paddling, swimming and racing, but the pool close around 1985.

To be honest, when I went I saw people in little boats, ducks, swans and plenty of other birds, and I saw people swimming in one of the shores, but I'm not sure if it is allowed, I tried to do some research about it, but I didn't found any conclusive answer!

I took some snacks with me and I had a wonderful time around the shores, in between the trees observing the water... very peaceful.

I was so tired after one of my night shifts that I literally took a nap, a little siesta after eating just there in the field, lying in the grass...

The most perfect place to relax, reconnect and dream. 

I loved every minute of it! A place to go back for sure!

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