Saturday 22 July 2017


Keeping my love to online shopping I was contacted by to take a pick on their items...

I found a few items quite cute, for me and for my P*.

They have an amazing selection of women's bodycorn dresses:

Like this round neck dress, quite formal and feminine. 
My dream is to loose enough weight to be able to use one of these dresses.

And this floral dress available in 3 different colors, all 3 quite stunning.
Besides all this amazing dresses they have quite feminine Long sleeve t-shirts for sale like this one with this sexy tie collar t-shirt:

I loved this plus size shoe t-shirt that I loved and I ordered it:
I found some men items as well that I loved,  this 2 colors shirt was my favorite and I had to order it, was almost mandatory to order it! even has a pet section with cute things for dogs!!!

I really enjoyed visiting this website, I made a tiny order, that i'm waiting for it to arrive, to have the free shipping free you have to do a $80 order, at the moment I have no idea about the quality of the items, and I don't take any responsibility in case of the orders that you might do on this store.

And you? 
Have you ordered on this store before?


  1. Didn't knew this brand :) Love the clothes :)

  2. Não conhecia a loja, de lojas asiáticas só conheço a zaful :

  3. que peças lindas!


    Ps: estou a começar uma nova aventura na Tupperware e, se puderes, pedia para te inscreveres no meu novo grupo no facebook para ficares a conhecer as novidades e promoções! Deixo o link:


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