Wednesday 23 August 2017

Daniel Wellington for Her

I'm crazy about watches.
Something about them that calm me down...

I'm a colector, before was watches and hats were my biggest loves, them P* came into my life and I forgot about the hats and now I'm into him  and watches, I almost one for almost everyday of the month, everyone that knows me well, knows that is the safest gift that you can give me is a watch, because automatically I will like it.

One of the brands that I really like is Daniel Wellington

They work quite well from a formal meeting in the afternoon to a casual night out with friends... they suit any time of the day and night and any occasion, any DW watch is the ideal complement to the perfect outfit.

When I had the chance of choosing one to my collection I was in between 2 watches, 2 different sizes, straps and styles.
I'm not upset with my choice, I believe that was the best choice that I could have done but I'm pretty sure about my next order on DW website...

But i still have my eyes on CLASSIC | 36MM SOUTHAMPTON

My classic petit goes everywhere with me, in a road trip to Portsmouth, visiting my parents in Portugal, and it fits any moment like you can see:

This watches are amazing with an excellent quality, ordering it online arrives quite quick to your house.

I'm completely in love:
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