Monday 21 August 2017

Dresses | Is always time for party!!

August is almost in the end...

People returning to work, kids are almost back to school, some of them waiting for the results about the university choices, and grades to college.
Summer comes and goes, so quickly, without stopping in the way to say Goodbye...

Just because summer is flying away that doesn't mean that the party is over...

No way! 
Party is Party... 
no matter when or where, the best people partying I believe that are the british, no matter if is snowing you can see women, just in they pretty dresses and high heels running to the clubs... 

They are an inspiration, and because of that I picked some amazing dresses inspired in that women. And because the world is in economic crises I carefully choose some cheap bodycon dresses that can fit in any budget:

For example this off shoulder dress, available in 2 colors, the red dresses is sleeveless, the wine  has sleeves, both look amazing:

I prefer the red dress, I quite like red clothes but the wine will hide my arms... 

Another beautiful dress is this one shoulder available in black and red, really feminine.

This Sweetheart lace dress is amazing, available in white and black,  I'm already to white to use white, I always feel that I'm lost in the middle of white clothes but this white dress would look amazing in a nice tan skin.

My favorite is this diamond chain backless dress, amazing, the winner in any Friday night out.

Never Forget, the party doesn't end just because summer is ending. 


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