Saturday 19 August 2017

STYLEBEST | Gearbest's youngest sister

GearBest is one of our favorite tech store.

I'm @ the moment writing from my car while P* drives to Portsmouth, on "our" (his... he paid ... I use it... ours) hybrid, (can be a tablet, like now... our can be a laptop, because the keyboard is attachable, and I just love it 'cause is a tablet with android and windows 10, so is like been @ home in the sofa with my laptop)!

A few years ago, we used to say that who haven't Fox Life at home didn't know what life was, now I adapt it to GearBest, who doesn't know what GearBest is, is still not living in full power...

Now they are developing a new website focused in fashion, like clothes, bags, shoes... STYLEBEST,

At the moment they are with an excelente promotion:


Half off our orders - $50 off $100 

I already have my order in progress:

What are you waiting for?
The store looks quite trustfully, and the items look to have an amazing quality. I am a true fan of GearBest, Stylesbest oldest sister... so I really expect good things from this store.

Enjoy shopping @ Stylebest 


  1. que excelentes escolhas! adoro a mala laranja e cinza! mesmo gira! :)

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

    1. eheh espero que esteja a caminho de minha casa!

  2. Who needs Windows when you have Linux and a MacPro hehe :)
    Great shops :)


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