Thursday 25 December 2014

More about weddings...

I know that December is time for Christmas however the topic weddings it is very popular, my parents married in December... so to me this month is for weddings!

But every month is a good month for weddings, what is need is love... nothing else matter...
I am a dreamer a true believer in love... and i know that love is always love, and for one thing result we just need love, love is the only thing that resolve the problems of the world!

I already showed wedding dresses, the brides' mom dress and the grow's mom dress...

Today is time to talk about the bridesmaid dresses Ireland!

 And why is that? Because i find a new store: with lots of beautiful dresses with attractive prices...  

This store is amazing because the dresses are avaiable in lots of colours, beside the color in the pictures, you can select buy other colours with the type of the fabric it is amazing in the yellow dress per example you can choose this colours:

And if you can measure all your body you can choose the appropriate size for you with the help of the sizes labels:

And if someone doesn't know how to take measures the website explain:

Never was so easy buying a dress to a wedding without leaving home...

Usually buying a dress to a wedding is a nightmare because the occasion ask a better dress, a different one, special colors, a fluid fabric, a sexy shape, a dress that the bride likes, a dress that says that you are sexy but not easy... AN AWESOME dress! And to find that dress... Oh my god... we need to lost hours in shops that we don't find anything perfect for the big day of someone that we love... 

In the most of the times, our life is so busy that we can't spend so many hours searching for that perfect dress... so this time of stores online are perfects for saving time and to prevent buying a horrible dress just because we are tired to search and we just want to go home...

My favorite choices  are:

Because of the Ruffles it's a funny detail.

Because it's a girly dress, cute.

Because it's simple, pratical and chic dress.

I love the asymmetrical shape, awesome.

The shape, the size, the colour, a perfect dress...

Girly and sexy, i love this dress because of the back, i think that the lace is an awesome effect in a dress! LOVE it!

This is a type of dress that says, i'm beautifull but i don't know that, i prefere be cute!

But my favorite dress is this one:

This dress is the perfect dress, because is in the perfect colour, perfect shape, perfect size, all that i want to go to a wedding and make a good appearance! I'm in love... and probably i will buy this dress!

What do you think about my choices? 
What do you think about this store?

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