Saturday 13 December 2014

Online store: Tidebuy

Hello my beautiful followers 

Today i will talk about another online store ...

know that in last times i have flooded you with new stores ... however the reason is good ... get to know new stores and sites where you ca make all your shopping are always a good reason!

In this store you can find all types of thing, with lots of options, a good prices... which is a thing that we have to take attention...

This store have lots of options in acessories, bags, clothes, intimates, costumes, and dresses... lots of dresses... And they ship the items in 24h...

A few days ago, i talk to you about the brides dresses, however i didn't talk about the mother of the bride dress, or about the mother of the groom, this store have lots of options for that here:

I choose this 2 options to presenting to you today:

For the Bride's mom this one:
simple, beautiful and wich match with the bride's dress LINK 

for the groom's mother a sexy but discreet dress that shows that the bride is not the only woman in the groom's life LINK
What do you feel about this topic? Do you like the dresses?

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