Thursday 2 August 2018

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I love my dinner parties!

I love BBQs and spending time with my friends.

But being a shift worker, with shift worker friends it makes really hard to meet up, or because is someone working, or someone is tired or is someone's only day off  in the middle of lots of shifts, then in the middle of shift workers, one has a 9-5 job that makes even harder because everyone else works during the weekends because of the unsocial hours...

And often we have everything planned and gets cancelled, because of the weather, or someone must swap a shift, or do a bank shift, or because nobody can get out of the pyjama!

Recently we had a BBQ on our agenda, that got delayed and delayed and delayed.

So, often we must meet after work, ones being off, others leaving from night shifts, other leaving from day shifts.

I love to entertain at home, preparing nice meals and enjoying the company, but working and preparing food I cannot be concerned with washing dishes, I had lots of nice things that came from the Talking Tables which destination was the barbecue that never happened, so was easy to leave work at 8:30 am, go and do some shopping for my holidays, and for the dinner party, sleep until 6pm, start my roast and my starters... have a shower and get ready for my friends and P* to arrive.

Before I was that kind of person that was staying hours and hours after a party to wash all the dishes, now I just save what I must save, the rest is packed and trashed what saves me at least an hour.  

Another thing that I really like is the fact that everything is made of paper, so is an environment-friendly material, what makes me feel better using it!   

The plates are really cute, but my favourites are the canapé flags and the honeycomb decorations, I'm Portuguese and this kind of decoration takes me back to my origins, some of my friends are Spanish and they have similar decor as well, so the decor was a good talking motive.

This was our last dinner before our holidays, one that we successfully maintain even after every single one of us tried to cancel it, but I'm so happy that we haven't manage to cancel because when we get together is really good, the stress goes away,  we have so much fun!

These products were really helpful, they are really cute, great prices, delivered to your door, they have the most original things that will amaze your friends, I'm so happy with their products and I higly recommend it:

So with the dishes took cared I have more time to enjoy my friends, my food and a nice glass of wine if you drink, drink with moderation, we must enjoy life!

Life is short and we cannot spend all our days cleaning or working, we must enjoy the small moments!




  1. Realmente é mesmo verdade, mas essa noite parece ter sido animada
    Novo post // CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Tenho saudades de noites assim


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