Thursday 28 November 2019

All Tigers Organics | Red 888 - Call Me Queen

Recently I got the pleasure of getting to know more about All Tigers Organics!

I received this amazing Natural & Vegan Liquid Lipstick, colour Red 888m "Call me Queen", as a campaign from Hivency... Thank You!!!


Discover ALL TIGERS natural and vegan makeup that’s ferociously stylish.

-> From 82% to 100% natural formulas (the remaining max 18% are synthetic pigments when we have no other alternatives to carmine pigments, extracted from cochineals insects, and thus not vegan)

-> Vegan & cruelty-free

-> Super comfortable, intense and long-lasting colors

-> 1% of all sales go to saving wild tigers in India

Follow ALL TIGERS on Instagram: @alltigers_organics : they co-create each products with our community

My opinion:

I have been trying to change my beauty routines, I have been paying more attention to Natural, vegan and cruelty-free products/brands.
Beautiful and strong colour,  Long-lasting in the lips. 

Great price, 22.80€. 

Made in Italy.

A Brand with great Social Impact, due to the fact that 1% of the sales are donated to save the tigers in India.

I'm not extremely impressed with the application brush but the colour is so amazing and it's so comfortable in the lips that the brush doesn't mean much. 

Is easily removed with a regular makeup remover 

An amazing lipstick, I'm completely and totally in love!

With discovery code TIGERBG, you get 15% off on any order on

Enjoy it!*

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