Monday 9 March 2020

My New Tattoo

On my 28th birthday, in Mexico, before my life changed dramatically, I done a Henna tattoo on my right foot, and after all the activities I had a brilliant day.

Life changed... feelings in a certain way changed, but nobody can take my memories from me. 

However the meaning of that henna will never change and since that day I decided that I wanted it tattooed on my body, in the some place I done it almost a year ago.

This was going to be my first tattoo, but them I decided to delay it, and I went to do it on the 28th.

To be honest I kind of suddenly decided that I was going to do it, I looked for a tattoo shop near my house, I contacted them on Facebook, sent them a message with what I really wanted to do they replied almost instantly with an estimated price and we booked for 2 days later... I had no time to plan or to change my mind, I kind of dived deep into this one and I couldn't be happier with it.

Brad is a gem, he is the responsible for the tattoos at Stung by Steel @ Parkgate Road, Wallington. He looks like that mad scientists, I had a great conversation with him, and it made a lot easier to tattoo because of our deep conversations.

From my henna, he corrected all the flaws on it and created the perfect tattoo on my foot and I'm extremely happy.

Took around 30 minutes to tattoo my foot, so it got cheaper that I was expecting and I got the appropriate cream to look after my tattoo for free. The creative process got a bit longer, but was a great experience.

This is a mark of my improvement, my journey, my life, my love, my emotions, my future. 

Price: $/$$$
Pain Level: 1/10
Tattoo design: 10/10
Tattoo artist: 20/10 [loved his energy, knowledge, funny, a great person in general!] 

It was an amazing experience, a beautiful tattoo, I will be coming back to Brad @ Stung by Steel, for my next tattoo that is already been prepared!  

It's just sad they don't have piercings in the shop, it's only tattoos, I eventually went in the week after to do my 2 piercings and I'm very happy with my 2 piercings and my 2 tattoos! 

Thank you Brad, for everything!


  1. Bom dia:- Arrepia-me só de pensar nas agulhas. Penso que, jamais farei uma tatoo. Ufa que "dores" na coluna, lol

    Mas, reconheço, que algumas tatoo são elogiáveis "peças de pura arte"
    Votos de uma semana de POaz, Saúde e Amor

  2. Amei a tatuagem e deu vontade de fazer outra <3

    Pâmela Sensato

  3. Nossa que ficou bastante bonita, parabéns
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias


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